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  • Diary of a has-been cover_final

    The Diary of a Has-been

    Arnold is getting old and won’t admit it.   But he’s in a state of denial about most things in his life – his journalistic career, which was never that great and is now non-existent, his sex life (ditto, except for a regrettable encounter at a well-known peri-peri chicken restaurant a few months ago), his financial […]

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  • OR8 DESIGN - DG cover 13_05

    All the Places I’ve ever Lived

    All the Places I’ve ever Lived is part ghost story, part murder ballad, part crime thriller and explores the themes of outsiders and difference, with a dark edge. People say it has a Twin Peaks feel. It is set in West Cumbria, a semi-industrial, remote and unloved part of northern England on the edge of the Lake District […]

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  • 9781911129097

    Blood Season

    Claire Meadows takes her reader on a dark and at times savage journey through a smouldering, hellish world where smoke, fire, illusion and disillusion play their part, obscuring the light, keeping the voice in a state of perpetual darkness. This is a collection of some of Claire’s classic poetry, as well as never published before […]

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  • 9781911129516

    The Speech

    His words threatened rivers of blood…and they fought him with hope….   On April 20th, 1968 Enoch Powell, Member of Parliament in the English town of Wolverhampton, made a speech that shook Britain to its core. The ramifications of what some labelled a ‘racist diatribe’ changed forever the way in which race was viewed and […]

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  • 9781911129691

    Eyes of the Blind

    A young blind woman receives the world’s first and miraculous binocular eye transplant, but questions surround the operation. Why was she selected? And why is a major charity so keen to put up the huge amount of collateral to make the operation happen?   Enter Niall Burnet, unemployed and visually impaired journalist, who believes all […]

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  • 9781911129486


    Ira Jones, family man and cannabis cultivator, has decided to quit reality for good. Baffled by drugs and committed to the destruction of Western European society, he powers through Paris, London, LA, and Amsterdam on a murderous, pornographic spree with his wife, Lulu. Can the couple escape the clutches of the brutal Dr. Loon? Is […]

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  • 9781911129271

    A Monster by Violet

    “I actually held my breath.” – Rachel Genn, author of The Cure   “… a character who generates anger and disgust in the reader, and yet is entirely captivating, and whose success the reader urgently cares about. This is powerful, and at times heart-breaking writing.” – Jane Rogers, author of Mr Wroe’s Virgins and The […]

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  • 9781911129455

    Serial Damage

    Seemingly ordinary and innocent people suddenly start to become the victims of a vicious killer on an international scale – but with no motive and no pattern, who will be next and how can he be stopped?   A series of apparently unconnected murders takes place in equally disconnected locations all over the world. In […]

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  • Dancers in the Wind_final

    Dancers in the Wind

    SHE IS HUNTING FOR THE TRUTH, BUT WHO IS HUNTING HER?   Freelance journalist and single mother Hannah Webridge is commissioned by a national newspaper to write an investigative article on the notorious red light district in Kings Cross. There she meets prostitute Princess, and police inspector in the vice squad, Tom Jordan.   When […]

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  • BAN_SITH-2

    Ban Sith (The Banshee)

    After the traumatic events of the Rennick Parish Poltergeist, Libby Butler is living a less than idyllic life in Sutherland, unable to find the peace from her past she so desperately craves. A terrifying event rekindles her gift (or curse) of seeing death in a person before their actual demise, and plunges her into terrible […]

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  • 9781910692967

    The Rwandan Hostage

    The Rwandan Hostage is the second volume of Christopher Lowery’s African Diamonds Trilogy and continues the tale of corruption, murder and greed that began with the bestselling The Angolan Clan. Heroine Jenny Bishop is back with a vengeance! The abduction of her nephew at the world cup final in South Africa brings to light a […]

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  • 9781911129578


    The Otherside is located at the fringes of our world, hiding in plain sight and existing within our shadows. Shielded from humanity, the Otherside is watched over by the BTCO, a highly secret government agency. BTCO agents are the few humans who possess ‘The Knack’, a genetic anomaly that allows them to see the truth […]

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    The Cruelty of Lambs

    Only his music could reveal the truth……   The career of acclaimed cellist, Iain Millar, is in tatters. Allegations of sexual harassment while teaching in a girl’s school have left him unemployable, and he soon spirals into depression. Iain sees himself as a failure and falls into a dark place where his cello playing provides […]

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  • 9781911129752


    London 1961. In the dying days of the MacMillan government, George Preston is in control of crime in West London and Rina Walker is his favoured contract killer. When Rina is hired by Soho vice king Tony Farina to invistigate the disappearance of girls from his clubs she discovers that they are being supplied to […]

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  • 9781910692707

    Lost in Static

    Sometimes growing up is seeing someone else’s side of the story. Four stories. One truth. Whom do you believe? Callum has a family secret. Yasmine wants to know it. Juliette thinks nobody knows hers. All Ruby wants is to reinvent herself. They are brought together by circumstance, torn apart by misunderstanding. As new relationships are […]

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  • Honest Man cover

    An Honest Man

    Criminal barrister Charles Holborne may have just escaped the hangman by proving he was framed for murder, but his life is now in ruins. His wife is dead, his high-flying career has morphed into criminal notoriety, and bankruptcy threatens. When the biggest brief of Charles’s career unexpectedly lands on his desk, it looks as if […]

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  • 9781911129066

    Networking Know-How

    Networking Know-How – Connecting for Success   The second book in the Urbane business essentials list, Networking Know-How gives everyone the foundation they need to become a brilliant networker!   Being excellent at networking is the essential skill for personal and career success, whether going after a dream job, branching out and starting a business […]

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  • Summer-in-Tintagel-CV-900x600

    Summer in Tintagel

    We all have secrets…… Ambitious journalist Rosa Fernley has been asked to fulfil her grandmother Jocelyn’s dying wish. Jocelyn has also passed on a secret – in the summer of 1968, fleeing from the terror of a bullying husband, she visited the mysterious Tintagel Castle. Jocelyn wasn’t seeking love, but she found it on the […]

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  • 9781911129875

    Dark Angels

    Dark Angels: How writing releases creativity at work Most of us spend at least part of our working lives writing. Whether you are an accountant or a zoologist, chances are you use the written word everyday to inform, to document, to promote and to persuade. Using language effectively is an essential skill at work. Learning […]

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  • 9781911129868

    The Invisible Grail

    The Invisible Grail: How brands can tell better stories In his influential book, We, Me, Them & It, John Simmons changed the way many people think about writing for business. In this book, he looks at how language, words and storytelling can create and build strong brands. The Invisible Grail takes its readers on a […]

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  • 9781911129851

    We, Me, Them and It

    We, Me, Them & It: How to write powerfully for business It’s no good having a great idea if you cannot communicate it to someone else. John Simmons, in this stimulating and readable book, demonstrates how we can write and use words more creatively and persuasively in business today. From differentiating your company from another, […]

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  • 9781911129158

    Disciplined Collaboration

    ‘Working with and reading Emmanuel’s work you realize that there is little in the market that goes beyond his concepts and practice of collaboration! A brilliant piece of work that is a must read!’ –Fons Trompenaars, Thinkers50 and Business magazine top management thinker and author of Global phenomenon Riding the Waves of Culture Ever wondered […]

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  • 51iwAviZIOL._SX317_BO1,204,203,200_

    183 Times A Year

    Mothers and daughters alike will never look at each other in quite the same way after reading this book—a brilliantly funny observation of contemporary family life. Lizzie—exasperated Mother of Cassie, Connor and Stepdaughter Maisy—is the frustrated voice of reason to her daughters’ teenage angst. She gets by with good friends, cheap wine and talking to […]

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  • 9781910692547

    The Philanthropist’s Tale

    Laurie Marsh is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs but you’ve never heard of him until now. Here for the first time is the incredible tale of one of the world’s leading philanthropists; from the streets of Lambeth to glamour of LA, it’s a compelling true story of rags to riches, and sharing those […]

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    Out Damned Spot!

    A serial killer is leaving a rather horrible trail of messy murders across London and William Shakespeare, crime scene cleaner, is on his tail, armed with a mop, determination and an inquiring mind. After cleaning the room in which his half-brother, Kit Marlow, had been knifed to death, Shakespeare starts up his own crime scene […]

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  • 9781910692776

    Fade to Dead

    Fade to Dead is the first in a series of fast-paced, gritty, crime novels, featuring ballsy, newly promoted DI, Jessica Wideacre.   A serial killer, The Director, is on the loose in South London. He’s snatching young women off the street to ‘act’ in his movies. He’s got a type: barely legal, blonde and beautiful. […]

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  • 9781910692844

    Glass Houses

    ‘When she sent that text, all our lives changed for ever…’   51 year old Tori Williams’ life implodes when she sends a text while driving on the M62 motorway and allegedly causes the horrific crash in which three people die. Public and press are baying for her blood, but Tori is no wallflower and […]

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  • 9781910692608

    Infinite Rooms

    Infinite Rooms is a terrifying thriller that follows one man’s descent into madness. While narrating to a remembered psychiatrist, Donald Clement’s inner reality becomes infused with surreal fantasy: Neptune rising from the sea; a giant showing the wonders of the universe; an incredible stranger who promises to reveal the secrets of infinity. As Donald falls […]

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  • 9781910692127

    Public Affairs

    “Like it or loath it, this book show the public affairs industry is now part of political processes across the world. Policy makers, businesses and NGOs, as well as budding and experienced practitioners, need to understand how it works and this collection gives a lively insight into this often private world.” Dan Corry is CEO […]

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  • 9781911129127

    To The Lions

    ‘A powerful, thought-provoking collection’ –Polly Courtney, author & broadcaster ‘To The Lions takes an honest and raw look at the pain in human relationships. It is a personal collection with universal themes. The imagery takes your breath away.’ –Josie-Anne Gray, The Dock ‘To The Lions is a dark, hard – hitting collection with a strong […]

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  • 9781910692516

    Go Against the Flow

    An innovative and ground-breaking new book brings together wisdom from several established and up and coming women business leaders in sharing their candid and introspective insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur.From getting started on concept, building technology, hiring, getting funded and scale, to finally launching a business with success, this book is a […]

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  • 9781910692905

    Love & a Dozen Roast Potatoes

    ‘A promise of relentless energy, noise, a lot of madness and probably a lot of drugs, which luckily is exactly what Simon Wan delivers. Bar the drugs’ –RANKIN (the photographer)   ‘He goes way beyond passion’ –Fearne Cotton, television and radio presenter   ‘I said he should write a book, and he did’ –Eva Pope, […]

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  • 9781911129219

    Sod the *******!

        Steven Berkoff has never been one to shy away from a controversial subject –Daisy Bowie Sell, Time Out Surely publishing the novel will expose Berkoff to everyone, critics and all? ‘Oh yes, once it’s out there, let them all read it. It’s just a little foible of mine because I wanted to write […]

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  • 9781910692066

    The Heart Ladder

    1973, and New Yorker Faith Anderson arrives in England, alone and heavily pregnant. Faith hopes to make a new life for herself and provide a future filled with opportunity for her unborn son. 2003 and Dan has grown distant from his mother, and is a disappointment to himself. Unable to kick-start the stalled nature of […]

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  • 9781910692097

    Euro 2016

    Next summer sees France host the Euro 2016 soccer championships, the sport s most watched event after the World Cup. This wonderful book is a must for any fan, combining detailed and accurate knowledge of the beautiful game with a witty and insightful commentary on players, teams, and nations. It tells you everything you need […]

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  • Busby-Babes-CV-900X600

    The Busby Babes

    ‘More than merely an account of a tragedy, it is a portrait of an era and a tribute to a group of young men – working class heroes all – whose talent, endeavour and camaraderie transcends football. This is the team that made the English game beautiful, and to rediscover this golden generation is to […]

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  • Stone Seeds cover_3

    Stone Seeds

    “Jo Ely’s superb debut novel combines the vision of Russell Hoban and Ursula Le Guin with her own unique talents as a powerful and poetic storyteller.” Roman Krznaric   Nothing is quite as it appears in New Bavarnica. Everything is run by The General, alongside his collaborator, the village shopkeeper. The General rules by menace […]

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  • life

    The Life Assistance Agency

    Do you want to live forever?   Ben Ferguson-Cripps is a struggling writer with a surname that gets more comments than his waning blog. In desperation Ben sets aside his literary ambitions to join the newly established and enigmatic Life Assistance Agency. The agency’s first case is to trace a missing person with links to […]

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  • 9781910692639

    As If I Were A River

    ‘A compelling, intricate, psychological exploration of the lies we tell ourselves and the truths we run from. Beautiful.’ ~ Angela Clarke, author of Follow Me   ‘A gripping read; I tore through the pages, compelled by the intrigue of the mysterious disappearance and the beautifully paced revelations of Kate’s family secrets. An honest, compassionate portrayal […]

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  • 9781911129004

    The Gospel According to Johnny Bender

    PREORDER NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE EBOOK EDITION OF BILLY AND THE DEVIL     “Once upon a time there was a village called Edendale, and some people were good and some people were bad and some people were in-between. Do we know who is what yet? I don’t think we do…” During the celebrated […]

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    Separated from his son, only a galaxy stands between him and home…. The year is 2154, and Corvus Ranger, space pilot and captain of the Soliton, embarks on a penal run to Jupiter’s prison moon, Europa. It should be another routine drop, but a motley band of escaped convicts have other ideas. When Soliton is […]

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  • Hold still new

    Hold Still

    “HOLD STILL hooked me from the very beginning and Adler’s engaging style and sharp pace kept me glued” – bestselling crime author Peter James   “I photographed the moment of my husband’s death.” So begins HOLD STILL, a nerve-twisting thriller that promises to be Murder On the Orient Express for the Snapchat generation. How much […]

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  • Death in Profile_Bpb_C

    Death in Profile

    “Classy and sophisticated … if you thought the Golden Age of crime writing was dead, then read this.” Ruth Dugdall, CWA Debut Dagger Winner     The genteel façade of London’s Hampstead is shattered by a series of terrifying murders, and the ensuing police hunt is threatened by internal politics, and a burgeoning love triangle […]

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  • A9RBE31


    A debut crime novel by Hugh Fraser.   ‘What makes an innocent girl become a contract killer?’   Acapulco 1974: Rina Walker is on assignment. Just another another quick, clean kill. She wakes to discover her employer’s severed head on her bedside table, and a man with an AK 47 coming through the door of […]

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  • THP cover_2

    The Huntingfield Paintress

        ‘A genuinely original, utterly enchanting story’ – A.N.Wilson   ‘A slice of Suffolk history brought beautifully to life’ – Esther Freud   ‘an atmospheric and enjoyable story of a singular and free-thinking woman’ – Deborah Moggach   Plucky and headstrong Mildred Holland revelled in the eight years she and her husband, the vicar […]

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  • Roebuck_Page_1


    Meet Anthony Knivet: gentleman, baker, lover, linguist, explorer, Englishman. And an indispensable advisor to celebrated generals and Portuguese governors alike… not to mention the kings of several Brazilian tribes. Roebuck – Tales of an Admirable Adventurer is a swashbuckling tale of the highest order, following Knivet’s escapades in South America during the 1590s. Desperate to […]

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  • smack my pitch

    Smack My Pitch Up!

    Bestselling author Andreas Loizou delivers the first in a groundbreaking new series of concise, forthright and wholly practical titles that give you the real skills you need to succeed in business.   ‘You had me at hello.’ How do you grab a reader from the first word? In a world of constant media overwhelm, learning […]

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  • 9781910692158


    Crowdocracy : The End of Politics discusses one of the world’s most debated and critical issues – who decides our future and how should we be governed? If a political party receives a tenth of all votes but no representation in government, can we claim the system is democratic and people’s voices are being heard? […]

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  • 9783796534218_Presse

    Colour Strategies in Architecture

    Discover the spatial potential of colour This book explores the potential of colour to modify space and the way in which buildings are perceived. Drawing on examples from the 20th and 21st centuries, ranging from architectural icons to hidden gems, the volume presents six different strategies for working with colour in architecture. Each chapter presents […]

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  • 9781910692363

    The Sleeping Warrior

    Libby Butler’s life is a mess. Her career as a solicitor in a prestigious London law firm is going nowhere fast, just like the ill-advised affair with her boss. Then a terrifying, life-threatening encounter with the notorious Vampire Killer, a knife-wielding serial murderer, leaves Libby with her courage and confidence shattered.   Desperate to pick […]

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  • 9781910692004

    The Brief

    “Addictive reading, I couldn’t put it down. A brilliant read. The plot kept twisting and turning providing nail biting suspense. The characters were believable and very real. I felt I was a fly on the wall in East End pubs watching scenes unfold. Then I found myself hiding behind furniture in the Chambers and eavesdropping […]

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  • 9781909273672

    Fast Track to Successful Selling

    “The UK’s Guru of Sales” The Telegraph “The master of professional salesmanship” The Times “The millionaire maker” Birmingham Post and Mail “The UK’s Guru of Motivation” The Daily Mail   Written by one of the world’s leading sales gurus, Fast Track to Successful Selling explains clearly how to put winning sales techniques into action, featuring […]

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  • Bound Feet Blues

    Bound Feet Blues

    Bound Feet Blues: A Life Told In Shoes is Yang-May’s personal story about the tradition of foot binding, as practiced by her older relatives. This unconventional memoir is both a book and a solo theatre performance work. The work interweaves Yang-May’s experiences of being a Chinese-Malaysian woman in the UK, her own ‘coming out’ story, […]

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  • Simon Sayssmall

    Simon says

    ‘Gothard brilliantly captures real-life moral quandaries with sharp, incisive characters that bristle amongst an urban landscape. His cast love and loathe with equal passion, each trying to make a shifting world fit to their shifting demands. Gothard portrays the unease of postmodern living with a surgical eye for detail in this gripping book. Vibrant and […]

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  • astubb

    Alastair Stubb

    The turn of the last century and Theodore Stubb’s manor house resides in the quirky village of Muchmarsh. A renowned entomologist, he is often within the attic adding another exotic specimen to his extensive collection of insects. But Theodore is also a master hypnotist, holding the household in thrall to his every whim. Theodore’s daughter-in-law […]

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  • 9781910692271

    The Election A-Z

    For his fifth general election book, Nicholas Jones presents a personal A-Z of election highlights and insights from fifty years of political reporting. Jones was a parliamentary and political reporter for The Times in the late 1960s and joined the BBC in the mid-1970s where he was an industrial and political correspondent for thirty years. […]

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  • T&C

    Tea & Chemo

    At the age of 45, wife and mother Jackie Buxton was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lurching between the crippling fear that the cancer had spread, and the great comfort of knowing she was one of the lucky ones who could be treated, she did what she always does when life presents her with a challenge: […]

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    Billy and the Devil

    Billy and the Devil is the startling debut novel from Dean Lilleyman, and presents the emotive and challenging story of Billy and his battle with alcoholism.   Billy and the Devil is a shocking, compelling and intimate portrayal of isolation, sexual misadventure, and addiction. Told in a series of brilliantly rendered observations and episodes from […]

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  • Carpet of Purple Flowers cover

    A Carpet of Purple Flowers

    Read all the latest reviews here! http://www.traceyannemccartney.com/reviews.php     ‘Every unknown is a beginning’ Bea lives a simple life residing in a SW London second-hand bookshop. It had been an especially difficult year, first with Bea’s uncle dying, then splitting up with Brandon, her philandering, druggie boyfriend. The shop’s trivial daily conversations, local faces and […]

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  • ghost

    The Ghost Tree

    Five years after the death of his wife, MacAoidh Armstrong moves into a smallholding in southern Scotland with the intention of living a self-sufficient existence. In the nearby town solicitor Libby Butler is trying to find peace after her recent deadly brush with the unknown. On a hill by the steading stands The Ghost Tree: […]

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    A Barrow Boy’s Cadenza

    DCI Jack Austin – Jane to his friends and the not so friendly – knew he shouldn’t have come in to work. Following a terrorist bomb, an incident with a tutu and a hangover that would fell an elephant, investigating dead dogs, dodging bullets and being pulled sopping wet from a naval harbour is not […]

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  • 9781909273931

    More Life, Please!

    Our life can be challenging. Is there time for a successful career AND those we love? We are driven by our successes, but often the most important moments are those we create with each other.   We all strive to ‘get more’ from life, but can struggle to find a positive harmonization between our career […]

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  • 9781909273269

    Freefall into Us

    Tess Rosa Ruiz is a powerful new voice on the American literary scene, redolent of Kerouac and Rollins in a battle of words. Freefall into Us is a compelling collection of unique poetry and prose that provides an emotional mosaic of the path of relationships. This is a raw and visceral insight into how women […]

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  • cityfox

    The City Fox

        The City Fox and others in our community   In this collection of engaging, emotive and thought-provoking poems Chris Parker explores the relationship between community, communication and learning. Through a series of interrelated stories he introduces a range of characters and settings, contrasting the challenges of the human search for identity, meaning and […]

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  • Public Affairs cover

    Public Affairs

      News and Views – do they matter? Public affairs is fundamentally about communications. Communications move and change. They are reshaped, redirected, and repositioned as politics and events change. Each communication is vital observation that captures the essence of the politics and events of that time and provides a route to understanding them.   Public […]

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  • 9781909273825

    Sod the Bitches!

    “In this way I was able to come home, to smile, to be relieved and even happy … until the bitter, incessant nag in the groin came again, and I lay there in torment next to a body I couldn’t begin to touch, couldn’t begin to go near. And we both lay there under the […]

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    “A yell became an intrusion of privacy. Was this a clamouring for entry into houses…or lives? Looking on then, looking back now, I wish I could have been more definite. It might have made me a different, better person, a player not a spectator.” Ophelia Street, 1970. A street like any other, a community that […]

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  • Release Your WOW cover

    Release Your WOW!

    Our lives are full of challenges, drawing on our reserves of physical and mental energy as we strive for what matters to us, and those we care for. As we progress through each new day we develop new skills, undergo new experiences, and grow as individuals. But how do we harness all that experience, how […]

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  • 9781909273856

    Parliamentary Pioneers

    Parliamentary Pioneers : Labour Women MPs 1918-1945 is a compelling account of the trailblazers who laid the foundations for women having an influential voice in the House of Commons. Written by MEP and authoritative spokesperson on women’s rights and gender equality Mary Honeyball, the book tells the story of the issues these first MPs championed, […]

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  • 9781909273795

    Escape to Perdition

    Sometimes the only choice is an escape to perdition….. Prague 2015. Herbert Biely, aged hero of the Prague Spring, stands on the brink of an historic victory, poised to reunite the Czech and Slovak Republics twenty-six years after the Velvet Revolution. The imminent Czech elections are the final stage in realising his dream of reunification, […]

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  • Eden Burning_5

    Eden Burning

    Tom listened to Mrs McLaughlin’s brogues briskly clump across the marble floor towards the exit at the back of the Church. When the wooden door thumped closed, he looked around the Church to make sure that he was alone, then heaved himself to his feet, opened the Confessional, blessed himself, and in the darkness whispered […]

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  • Mote cover artwork_2

    Mote : The Super Meeting

    Mote has been shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year award 2016! Analyze the calendar function on the computers, tablets and mobile devices of millions of executives, and what will you find? Wall-to-wall meetings. Even conservative estimates say that we spend more than a quarter of our working lives in meetings, and that […]

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  • Covers1.indd

    The Commando Entrepreneur

    Following the success of his previous book The Commando Way, Damian McKinney delves deeper into the links and lessons of achieving high performance in the military and business worlds.   Drawing on his own experience as a Royal Marine and as a highly successful international business consultant, McKinney writes about the values of being a […]

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  • stronghold

    The Stronghold

    “It hissed as it cut the air. Thell could not see it well. But he felt it. A wicked point flying at speed toward his son’s head. The bolt flew in a flat arc, higher first, then descending. It hit the apple and split it in two. The bolt flew on and dug itself into […]

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  • 9781909273641

    Wicked & Wise

    Wicked & Wise : How to Solve the World’s Toughest Problems is the first compelling title in a brand new series launching with Urbane Publications.   A groundbreaking new series developed by leading consultant Alan Watkins, the Wicked & Wise explores a number of hotly debated and “wicked” issues facing the planet and its people, […]

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  • 9781909273733

    The Brain Always Wins

    The Brain Always Wins is the practical guide to improving your life through better brain management.   It is based on one simple fact:   Our brain controls and determines everything we do!   How we perceive, understand and respond to the world, how we survive, adapt and communicate, how we learn and remember, the […]

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  • Close-of-Play-Cover-900x600

    Close of Play

    “Close of Play is a wonderful English drama, combining moments that are touching with others that are laugh-out-loud funny.” John Challis, ‘Boycie’ from Only Fools & Horses and The Green Green Grass       “I stood, entranced, holding the card as I re-read it and gently traced my forefinger over the signature, enchanted at […]

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  • 9781909273726

    Breathing Out

    ‘You’ve got cancer’ are not the words you expect to hear when you’re a 40-something marathon running fitness freak who has never even smoked a cigarette. Karen Hockney’s extraordinary battle with breast cancer was different in two ways. First, as an Englishwoman living in the south of France, a stone’s throw from Cannes, she suddenly […]

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  • Beauty, Love & Justice cover

    Beauty, Love and Justice

    “I love the way Alcina shows how the key protagonists are altruistic and yet deeply flawed. It reminded me of the famous St Augustine quote, “Lord, let me be pure but not yet.” She does a marvellous job with this conundrum.” – Deirdre Quiery     Tiago’s had enough of corporate life. He’s going to […]

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  • DMW_3

    The Diego Masciaga Way

    “It isn’t a job, it is a life” – Diego Masciaga Diego Masciaga has worked for over twenty five years as the Director and Restaurant Manager of The Waterside Inn, one of the most well-known and influential restaurants in the world, serving global leaders, royalty and film stars. He is a legendary figure, awarded the […]

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  • Angolan-Clan-ecover-2344x1563

    The Angolan Clan

    1974/5: After the ‘Revolution of the Carnations’, Portugal is transformed into a communist state. Capitalists are ruthlessly persecuted and the liberated Portuguese colony of Angola is thrust into one of the bloodiest civil wars in history. The fabled Angolan diamond mines are closed down, but not before a group of refugees escape with a hoard […]

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  • wordscapist

    Wordscapist – The Myth

    Wordscapist (n): A legendary wordsmith, usually assumed to be male, who is rumoured to be able to shape reality to his words. Limitless in his powers, and not aligned with the Guild or the Free Word. No proof or evidence of his existence has ever been found. First known usage circa 16th century. Everything you […]

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  • Blood of the Rose cover1

    Blood of the Rose

    “It started low and soft, but grew slowly, increasing in pitch and volume into an unceasing scream so loud and so desperate it pierced his primeval soul. The detective was stunned, his mind blank. On the ragged edges of his consciousness a prophecy took hold. He could see, with shattering clarity, that there would never […]

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  • International Mindedness book, Edited by Lesley P. Stagg

    International Mindedness

    The world is constantly evolving, continuing globalisation creating a globally mobile workforce and their families who are international both in outlook and in their educational needs. Schools are growing exponentially and parents are seeking the best international learning opportunities for their children. Many schools are similarly recognising that old practices are not sufficient to create […]

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  • 9781909273092

    Being Someone

    Being Someone is a life story, a love story, a human story. James has fallen through life, plotting a course of least resistance, taking each day as it comes and waiting for that indefinable ‘something’ to turn up, to give his story meaning. His journey lacks one vital element – a fellow traveller. Then he […]

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  • INFLUENCE_MK4.indd


    STOP PRESS!! You can now enjoy a short film of the launch of Influence and discover why it is such a unique thriller – and why Urbane thought it as such an important novel to publish.   We are delighted to launch groundbreaking new thriller Influence by Nottingham-based author Chris Parker. Influence kills…Influence is the […]

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  • Book cover - Remember to Breathe, a novel by Simon Pont

    Remember to Breathe

    Last night I was breaking all the rules, making up new ones. Me, a wild bunch of one, trailing a blaze of glory, saying, yes, tonight, I’m living on a prayer. I was winging it, squaring off with fate, dialling my date with destiny, letting my ego write the cheques, going eye to eye, punch […]

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