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Jonathan Whitelaw’s HellCorp in the Daily Mail

But this is no police proce- dural or whodunnit.

Instead, it’s a dizzying feat of the imagination in which the Devil wants a break from the literally hellish work of tormenting sinners and the unworthy.

To get some holiday time, he set ups Hell Corp…

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— John Cooper

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She’s Back authors in The Telegraph

Meet the women who want to crack the return-to-work problem – starting with telling you to ‘toughen up’. 

She’s Back, by Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan, aims to help hundreds of thousands of professional women who have taken an extended career break, usually to raise a family, when they realise they still have 20 years of working life ahead of them. This lost talent pool could make pompous male executives eat their own words, reduce the gender pay gap, improve the glacially-slow progress in making UK boards more diverse and, research has shown, more successful. Read more here then go get them!

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Did the Celtic imagination die out with rural electrification?

Evie Gaughan, author of the recently published The Story Collector, tells the Irish Times about her love of Irish folklore and the new wave of adult fairytales:

“Celtic mysticism is rooted in our landscape, but as the modern world encroaches on our wild environment, we are being cut off from the natural affinity we once had with that hidden realm that lies just beyond the horizon.”


Read the full article here.

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