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Words and ideas have the power and potential to excite, involve, inspire – and we live them at Urbane Publications. This is a journey of discovery – finding new voices, redefining genres, and engaging with a knowledgeable, enthused and energetic group of writers and business people to publish the best books possible.

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At Urbane we’re passionate about the books we publish, because we’re readers too! From ground-breaking debut fiction to business books, established thriller series and more, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy browsing our shelves….

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Every Urbane author has a story to tell, and not just the ones they write! From successful actors turned bestselling authors to incredibly talented debut novelists and ground breaking business leaders, Urbane is proud of the diverse range of writers it publishes, and the original and exciting collection of work their titles represent.

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“Lowery’s novel is as emotionally moving as it is thrilling.” Cub Magazine

“The themes explored in this novel are very topical and relevant, and Lowery excels at giving you depth and actual faces behind the headlines of today’s newspapers,” writes Louise Fligman in Cub Magazine on Christopher Lowery’s latest standalone novel, The Mosul Legacy. ” Although it is fiction based around facts, the facts are hard to ignore as they shine through so strongly.  Terrorism, international bureaucracy, policing efforts and refugee crises are issues that are all scrutinised in great detail and remain with you long after you have closed the book.” Read more here.

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Last minute change of plans saves author’s life and inspires his next novel

Paul Burgess recalls how a split minute decision saved his life on 9/11…

“Because I remember exactly where I was on the morning of 9/11. I was in Newark airport, NYC, preparing to board a plane to Las Vegas for the honeymoon trip of a lifetime. A late change of plan perhaps saved our lives that day. Moreover, the experience would provide the impetus for my novel Through Hollow Lands. Read more here.

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She’s Back essential tips featured in the Guardian

The five essential tips to returning to work after having a baby, caring for a loved one, taking a break… you name the break, She’s Back has the answer and the Guardian knows it! Read more

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