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Words and ideas have the power and potential to excite, involve, inspire – and we live them at Urbane Publications. This is a journey of discovery – finding new voices, redefining genres, and engaging with a knowledgeable, enthused and energetic group of writers and business people to publish the best books possible.

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At Urbane we’re passionate about the books we publish, because we’re readers too! From ground-breaking debut fiction to business books, established thriller series and more, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy browsing our shelves….

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Every Urbane author has a story to tell, and not just the ones they write! From successful actors turned bestselling authors to incredibly talented debut novelists and ground breaking business leaders, Urbane is proud of the diverse range of writers it publishes, and the original and exciting collection of work their titles represent.

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Leaders from around the world reveal their top leadership tips

What does it take to get to the top? Katherine Thomas’s article for ICAEW Economia following the publication of her book Unleash Your Leader (with Emmanuel Gobillot) is a good place to start. Think: Boundless Perspective; Vertical Agility; Steadfast Impact. Read the article to whet your leadership appetite, then get the book and you’ll be going places!

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The Quiet Knitter celebrates indie publishing by showcasing our very own Dan Proops!

What’s your most favourite thing about being an author?

I love being an author. I can create a place, populated by characters and wonderful locations. It’s like creating my own world where I control the actions of my people, their dreams and ambitions. I give them dilemmas, emotions and difficulties that are sometimes hard to overcome. And their unique traits are woven into the fabric of my story.

… So many questions swirled around in my mind about this book and haunted my thoughts as I read.  A truly remarkable read and one that I think would be perfect for book groups, the possibilities for discussion are endless!  Read the full review and interview here


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NB Magazine give Time’s Tide by Adrian Harvey the 4 star treatment.

Elegantly written, Time’s Tide is a powerful evocation of family, belonging and of place. It’s a story that will echo across rural communities around the world. The Icelandic experience depicted is not unlike that of the decline of the crofting community in Scotland. Read on.

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