Damian McKinney Bio

After a fast-track career with the UK Royal Marine Commandos, Damian McKinney entered the private sector. He soon discovered that the Royal Marines’ approach to challenging and complex military operations was directly relatable and transferable to the business world. In 1999 he founded the company McKinney Rogers around his love of ‘real operational challenges’, particularly under severe pressure and focusing on results. McKinney Rogers applies military philosophy and real-world experience to equip business teams and organizations with the tools and capability to deliver high-performance results regardless of the obstacles they face.

His book is a must-have if you are working through how to deliver break through results for your firm.

(Howard Boville, Chief Technology Officer, Bank of America)

Career History

NameDamian McKinney
AliasesDamien McKinney, Damian Graydon Dennis Mckinney
DescriptionDamian McKinney is the chief executive and founder of McKinney Rogers Ltd.
BirthMar 1960
NationalityUnited Kingdom
MarriageSpouse: Katie HopkinsSep 2004  Exeter
MarriageSpouse: Tina McKinney1988

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