Katherine Thomas

Thomas attended the national school on the Green Road, Carlow and began her secondary school years in St Leo’s College, Carlow. In her second year, she transitioned to The King’s Hospital in Dublin as a border. She studied Arts (English, Sociology and Information Studies) at University College Dublin but left before finishing as she won a contract to present the children’s television program Rapid. She also took London Guildhall acting exams to Grade 8.

Katherine Thomas Biography

Described as “the first leadership guru for the digital generation” Emmanuel Gobillot has over 15 years of experience in helping organizations and audiences globally rethink the way they build and run organizations. He has applied his mantra of “there must be a better way and together we can find it” to solving issues alongside leaders of some of the world’s largest organizations. He is the author of 5 bestselling management titles, including Leadershift and Disciplined Collaboration.

In a career spanning roles as consultant, HR director, Non-Executive Director and entrepreneur, Katherine Thomas has merged her psychology and accountancy expertise to help senior executives deliver breakthrough results through people and purpose. Unleash your leader is her first book.

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