Mike Jeffries Bio

Mike Jeffries is a Geordie originally from the North East of England. He spent many years of his youth in Trinidad before returning to UK and training as an architect.

Most of his career was with WS Atkins Plc, a large support services business where he became CEO and then chairman for ten years. Since retiring from full time work he has chaired a number of other companies including Civica an IT software company, car park company NCP, Priory Group, Mouchel, Wembley National Stadium Ltd and VT Group.

Mike became interested in painting 30 years ago and joined a local art group. He focused on developing his technique as a watercolorist. A major influence on his style of painting is the work of John Yardley: one of the UK’s top contemporary watercolor artists. Mike specializes in painting in an impressionist style while cleverly capturing sunlight and the motion of people in his work. Although Mike has based his style on Yardley’s techniques, because of his architectural training he is able to combine the impressionist feel with accurate depictions of buildings and landscapes which makes a lot of his paintings instantly recognizable.

He currently has paintings available for sale at galleries in Corfe, Dorset, and in Winchester, Hampshire.

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