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Our work is the presentation of YOUR capabilities. And this is particularly true with our exciting new imprint – Urbane Business - which focuses exclusively on business books and content.

Urbane Publications has always been driven by three Cs – care, content and collaboration – and is passionate about providing bespoke publishing & content solutions, working with everyone from first time authors to successful global corporations. Our emphasis is on shared goals, a dynamic strategic partnership and an ongoing realisation of opportunities both up to publication and beyond.

Through its dedicated business imprint, Urbane gives authors and organisations an effective platform to develop, publish and promote their expertise, knowledge and brand, communicating their message with high-quality, innovative content and exciting, desirable books in print, digital and audio formats for a global audience.

Urbane Business is driven by one key goal – developing the highest-quality, cutting edge business titles for an engaged, knowledgeable and ever-growing readership.

Led by a highly-experienced publishing team that has created more than 1000 business-led titles over the last three decades, Urbane Business is focused on working with both individual authors and companies to create innovative, practical and topical content across the business spectrum.

From CMI-shortlisted titles such as She’s Back and Mote, to expert-driven professional books like Leading the Deal and The Enduring Strategic Brand, Urbane is dedicated to working proactively with content providers – from large corporations to small business owners – to publish books that are not only leading-edge and of the highest quality, but commercially successful. These books in turn help you build your brand and reputation opening up myriad opportunities. 

Innovative, agile and knowledgeable, Urbane’s approach is to develop books that don’t simply match the needs of authors and readers, but drive opportunities in a competitive and dynamic market. 

In short, Urbane Business is developing and publishing content that reflects what the business world needs and wants.

If you have an idea for a business book don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are always happy to discuss new proposals and commercial opportunities. You can talk to our Publishing Director Matthew Smith at matthew@urbanepublications.com