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Founded in 2014, Urbane already publishes over 150 authors and continues to add approximately 20 new titles each year to its highly-regarded frontlist.

Urbane Business specialises in partnering proactively with authors such as Lisa Unwin – Linkedin Top Voice 2018 – as well as companies, businesses and individuals, to develop ground-breaking books and valuable content for a growing global readership.

Through its dedicated business imprint, Urbane gives business and non-fiction authors an effective platform to promote their expertise and brand, communicating their message with high-quality, innovative content and exciting, desirable books in print and digital formats.

So what makes Urbane different?  Essentially, each and every project is tailored to give authors all the strengths of traditional publishing – from experienced editorial input, high quality design, a clear process and schedule, to international distribution and dedicated channels to market – combined with the creative input, agility and decision-making associated with a positive, collaborative process.

This approach allows us to develop books that don’t simply match the needs of the authors, but drive commercial opportunities AND excite business and non-fiction readers in a competitive and dynamic market. From the CMI shortlisted She’s Back and Mote, to the aspirational goals of Unleash Your Leader, Urbane is developing and publishing books that reflect what the business world needs and wants.