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Publishing a book is a LOT OF WORK! And writing it is just the start.

So why should you publish with Urbane Publications? Urbane Publications provides the support, knowledge and expertise you deserve as an author and we aim to deliver an enriching publishing experience. Obviously when it comes to a great book your idea and words are a vital ingredient. But the planning, editing, design, copy editing, production management, distribution, marketing and promotion, publicity and actual selling, are all essential for success – and that’s where we come in.

We are currently only considering non-fiction and business books. The submission form is below. Please do not send us any fiction, we will not look at it.

However, before you get in touch, please do take into account the following do’s and don’ts if you’d like your project to be considered:

What we're

Looking for


  • Create a comprehensive synopsis
  • Have a couple of complete sample chapters ready to read
  • Spend some effort on a cover letter
  • Ensure said covering letter isn’t full of spelling mistakes (it doesn’t inspire confidence!)
  • Expect to wait for a response
  • Consider the target audience for your book
  • Develop your online presence, this is key to success
  • Be aware of the competition
  • Take the time to find out a little about the publisher/agent you’re approaching
  • Ensure you are aware of a publisher’s submission guidelines, and that you follow them
  • Understand that even if you are offered a contract your book may not publish for a year or more


  • Send round robin emails to lots of publishers (we ALWAYS know)
  • Send a complete manuscript on spec without a synopsis or covering letter
  • Rush your project out to everybody and their dog. You’ve taken the time to write your book, now take the time to find the right home for it
  • Chase constantly for feedback/an answer, every publisher/agent will be dealing with hundreds of prospective projects
  • Tell publishers/agents their business
  • Forget that just by having a project considered you’ve already achieved something amazing
  • Give up!
  • Take rejections personally. Just because your book isn’t right for one publisher doesn’t mean it won’t work for another
  • Assume decisions are made solely on the quality of your writing. Most decisions will be driven by commercial concerns

We welcome speculative proposals from agents for business and non-fiction titles. In the first instance please send a covering letter, full synopsis and two sample chapters to


Submission Form

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf.

Further Information

For manuscript assessment and editorial advice, you might consider services like The Literary Consultancy.

If you are further developing your writing, we recommend The Art of the Novel, edited by Nicholas Royle, as well as keeping an up-to-date copy of The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook to hand. And follow writers and publications online and in print – the best learning always comes from reading.

If you want to go further in developing your writing there are some fantastic Creative Writing courses from focused writing groups such as Dark Angels to established MA courses at University of East Anglia, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Roehampton and University of Warwick.

Additionally, we recommend the writing courses run by Faber Academy under the guidance of acclaimed writer Richard Skinner.